Ready to Buy?

If so, we have helped many people in your position find the perfect home and we would love to help you do the same for you and your family! I genuinely get excited before entering a home and I would like to share that excitement with you. We have an organized process to make this experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.


We've got you covered

Buying a home is a huge commitment and we are standing right by your side the entire way.

We strive to entrust you with honest real estate advice that aligns with your unique vision.

Our main job is to educate you on the market so that together we can make the best decision possible with confidence.

Buy with Milesh

We have worked hard to make our process a science. Let us break it down for you

1. Become One with our Clients

We actively listen. Listen to everything there is to know about you so that we can better understand your needs and wants. From that we can custom tailor prospective properties that will be of interest to you.


Most often we don't know exactly what we want until we see it. We will send out a comprehensive and customized list of properties to view. If we do not find the perfect home or we adjust and move forward.

3. The Hidden Art of Negotiation

Negotiating with realtors can be like playing with sharks. We are tough but fair, we battle to get you what you deserve and we do not take no for an answer. We always have your best interests in mind.


Even after we have provided you with an amazing home purchasing experience we won't stop checking in. Our clients often become friends of ours and we always make sure our friends are doing well.

Buying a home couldn't be easier.

Ask me anything, I love talking real estate.

I often encourage my clients to ask as many questions as possible. The more informed you are the better your decision making process will be.


We Keep Your Mind at Peace

You have entrusted us with your real estate needs. Let us take the initiative to make this process as easy and stress free as possible.

We Are


We are a competitive bunch and negotiation is just a battle of wills. Always battling for our clients to get the best price whether you are buying or selling.


Timely & Personable

I am available for my clients at all times. If I happen to be busy then another capable and friendly team member will be happy to help.