Real Estate is in our DNA

Becoming a real estate agent was the scariest and most rewarding endeavor I have ever embarked upon. After 12 years of going to open houses for the fun of it and driving around on Sundays through high end neighbhourhoods, I finally became a licensed real estate agent! It took the birth of my son, Ronin, to give me the motivation to pursue my dreams and be a role model for my children. I couldn't have made this jump without the unwavering support of my amazing wife Kathy. Having a family has drastically changed my lifestyle and point of view and it makes it very easy for me to empathize with other families that are looking to buy a new home.

Being in the customer service and the sales industry for over 10 years I have always been very analytical of my personal experiences during a transaction. I bought and sold 2 properties before becoming a realtor and I found that there was an opportunity to enrich my experiences. After speaking with friends and family I realized that many of them felt the same as I did. I promised myself that if I ever became a real estate agent I would always empower my clients with knowledge, be as transparent as possible, communicate effectively and make a stressful process as enjoyable as possible.

As a successful financial advisor I was able to help many of my clients achieve their financial goals. I am translating that same success into my real estate business by helping my clients purchase the perfect home for their family's needs. I firmly believe that all of my personal and professional experiences have made me the best realtor that I can be. I genuinely take pleasure in helping others and I would love to do the same for you and your family.

Ask me anything, I love talking real estate!

Our Mantra


Purchasing Real Estate can be one of the most important investments you purchase in your life. Being so large it is good to work with a knowledgable, compassionate realtor who understands the market inside and out. Milesh and the team always look after your best interests regardless if you are buying or selling.

Between my team and I, we have extensive knowledge and experiences in the regions we cover. Our combined knowledge and team based approach is one of the many benefits that we can translate into your real estate needs.


Our first goal is not to close a deal, but rather to genuinely help someone in the right direction. Our clients satisfaction & well being is much more important then a home being bought or sold. Our main areas of expertise are Guelph, Milton, Burlington & the Waterloo area.

For anyone looking for a great real estate experience please contact us for your buying and selling needs!

Ask me anything, I love talking real estate.

Apex Results Realty Inc.

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